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Universal Anodisers Photo Gallery


University of Newcastle NeW Space

Anodising at University of Newcastle NeW SpaceNeW Space is a landmark education precinct in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD. This fabulously contemporary building designed by Lyons Architecture Melbourne in conjunction with EJE Architecture Newcastle, created a community campus through not only learning spaces but social spaces with open café located right on Hunter Street.

This 10 storey building was designed to maximise the commanding views to surrounding landmarks with views through to Stockton, across the harbour and up to The Hill.

NeW Space’s smart design has been awarded 5 green stars.  With a focus on sustainability and minimising energy consumption, features of the building include external sun shading through the use of gold anodised panels and high performance double glazing. 

Universal Anodisers is proud to have been the selected Anodiser for the aluminium
pop-outs and fins on the building façade.  The coloured glass creates a stunning backdrop to showcase the gold fins and pop-outs.   The anodised colours are UA’s Satin Doeskin and Satin Oriental Gold.  Anodising will provide longevity due to anodising being integral to the aluminium the beauty and lustre of this finish will remain as spectacular over time. 

(References from Newcastle University Newsroom)




Architects:      Lyons Architecture & EJE Architecture
Builder:          Hanson Yunken
Fabricator:      JML Facades
Anodiser:       Universal Anodisers


The Science Place – James Cook University Townsville

Anodising at James Cook University TownsvilleThis innovative design by Hassell Architects provides students with an inspiring space for both teaching and research education, in both the Biological Sciences and Molecular Sciences.  Today’s campuses are designed for students to enjoy their learning environment both socially and educationally.

This stunning, contemporary rhomboid shaped façade is created with 2 interweaving colours of anodised aluminium panels, connected with custom cruciform extrusion manufactured by Urban Facades, covering the northern elevation.    

The southern façade consists of extremely large vertical blades in a random pattern.

The specified colours were Universal Anodisers Silver Grey & Slate Grey.  Both greys are ‘interference colours’.  Interference colours are created by pore modification, forming the illusion of colour variation due to the reflection and refraction from the modified pore.

The metallic lustre is enhanced by the pattern within the placement of the panels and by the sun.   This beauty is dramatically enhanced at night with lights reflecting off the anodised surface.

The façade design offers shade without jeopardising light or views, also providing fabulous surroundings for this learning precinct

Photographers: Andrew Rankin




Architects:      Hassell
Builder:          Lend Lease
Fabricator:      Urban Facades
Anodiser:       Universal Anodisers

Anodised colours – Silver Grey:  Slate Grey:  Charcoal Grey

International Tower 2,  Barangaroo South, Sydney

International Tower, Banangaroo South Sydney“Barangaroo is one of the most significant waterfront regenerations currently underway anywhere in the world. Transforming a former container wharf into a dynamic and authentic public part of Sydney.

This exciting new precinct delivers a vibrant waterfront financial district, with a mix of world class office space, premium residential, shopping, dining, hospitality and public places.” (Sourced Barangaroo South Fact Sheet – Lend Lease Many 2014)

As a surface finisher the specified finishes within the Barangaroo Precinct are nothing less than spectacular enhancing Sydney’s harbour foreshore.

Universal Anodisers is proud to have worked closely with RSHP Architects and Lend Lease in developing a new anodised colour for the IT2 Podium Fins.

The colour developed was ‘Golden Tan’ - displaying the stunning reflectivity anodising provides due to being integral to the aluminium, unlike other surface finishes.

The Golden Tan ‘V’ Fins are enhanced by the Fascia on the ground level anodised our Medium Bronze.

Anodising provides longevity, beauty and metallic lustre for many, many years into the future.

Photographers: Brett Boardman & Paul Thompson





Architects:      Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners
Builder:          Lend Lease
Fabricator:      Kingston Building Group
Anodiser:       Universal Anodisers

VIBE HOTEL - Canberra Airport

Vibe Hotel - Canberra AirportThe new Vibe Hotel is centred on a dramatic full height circular atrium that draws from Griffin’s plan for Canberra and reinvents the atrium hotel concept.

Developed by Canberra Airport corporation, Bates Smart were responsible for both the architecture and interiors.

Bates Smart director Philip Vivian said when designing the hotel, they sought to reflect Canberra’s DNA, resulting in a hotel crafted specifically for its location and context.

This timeless design combining circular and axial geometrics to create a distinctive form allows the building to be read in the round, responding to the site’s multiple approach and vantage points.

Universal Anodisers are proud to have been specified for the external anodising of the gold privacy louvres, creating elegant metallic lustre to the podium level of this stunning building.  The gold internal louvres create a rich warmth enhancing the textures of the chosen finishes. 

Photographer: Anson Smart



Architects:      Bates Smart Sydney
Builder:          Construction Control
Fabricator:      JWI Louvres
Anodiser:       Universal Anodisers

GEELONG GRAMMAR  - School for Performing Arts & Creative Education S.P.A.C.E.

Geelong Grammar - School for Performing Arts & Creative Education SPACEThis fabulous structure is the new home for the performing arts, music, drama, assemblies and events celebrating the cultural life of the school.  The 3,200m2 building is located in the heart of the campus.

This very innovative façade designed by Peter Elliott Architecture displays both embosed and perforated aluminium panels to the external walls of the building.  The perforated panels were used to allow filtered light to stairwells.

The Architect specified ‘Gum Tip’ and ‘Silver Grey’ from Universal Anodisers‘s  ‘interference colour’ range.

Interference colour is created by pore modification.  Unlike the two step process the colour becomes both reflective and refractive providing the illusion of colour variation, this is accentuated and enhanced by the angular placement of the façade panels, giving the façade a life of it’s own. 

We were aware Gum Tip would have an optical illusion of a greenish hue from one viewing angle and a bluish from the other, unlike Silver Grey that will appear darker and lighter from varying angles.  However, on completion we were taken with the elegant beauty and continous play of the finish.

This beauty is dramatically enhanced at night with LED lights reflecting off the anodised surface.

Anodising being integral will provide this façade will longevity, low downstream maintenance and will not peel.  The building will maintain it’s beauty, elegance and metallic lustre unlike any other surface finish.

Universal Anodisers are proud to have been the preferred Anodiser for this project.

Photographer:   John Gollings



Architects:      Peter Elliott Architecture
Builder:          ISIS
Fabricator:      Denga Property Services
Anodiser:       Universal Anodisers


Coffs Harbour Justice precinctPTW Architects were commissioned in 2010 to undertake the Master Planning and Concept design for the Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct.  The new four storey Courthouse contains some of the most advanced technology in any NSW court, and takes over from the dated Moonee St builidng built in 1963.


Coffs Harbour Member, Andrew Fraser, who has been campaigning for the new courthouse since 1995 said “this will serve the Coffs community well into the future”.

This stunning façade was anodisied by Universal Anodisersin Pale Bronze 25 micron.  A Symonite core panel fixed into a Smartfix system will provide the building longevity and low downstream manintenace. 

The panels placed around the curvature of façade show delightful movement in colour due to the veiwing angles unlike any other surface finish.  Time of day and weather conditions will also play with the perception of colour providing the building’s façade with a life of it’s own.

Anodising is an electro-chemical process, forming a layer of aluminium oxide that will protect the aluminium from harsh enviornments.  The aluminium oxide is not applied to the surface like paint but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium substrate so, cannot peel.  Therefore, the façade will hold it’s elegance and metallic lustre over time.

Universal is proud to have worked with Smartfix on anodising  the Courthouse façade panels.



Architects:      PTW Architects
Builder:          Richard Crookes Constructions
Fabricator:      Smartfix Façade Systems
Anodiser:        Universal Anodisers


Giffnock Ave - Macquarie Park interior refurbOn chatting with Ross McCready from Team 2 Architects as to their inspiration for the lobby refurb design.

The exising lobby was clad in a rather worn and dated 1980’s orange timber, the lobby is split into two areas.  The front and back of which were mismatched in design and company logos.

Team 2 wanted to create a sophisticated feeling with a place for informal meetings where people would feel comfortable.  The key to this was to tie the space together as a considered matching whole and give the feeling of an enclosed more private ‘room’ which was apparently quite a challenge in a thoroughfare.

The chosen finish was corrugated, perforated aluminium sheet to allow filtered light into the rooms beyond, providing the enclosing but light effect of a curtain.  The anodised
finish adds another level to this giving the rich feeling of a sleek piece of jewellery worn around the lobby.

The beautiful pale bronze anodised colour transformed a product that one may normally associate with roof sheeting and industrial applications into a shimmering veil.

Ross commented on how they were really taken with the beauty of the finish and how the constantly changing effects of light on the surface creates a stunning silky sheen.

A fantastic outcome was achieved by all.

Architects:      Team 2
Fabricator:      Ripple Iron
Anodiser:        Universal Anodisers


Moore Park pathway over Anzac ParadeThe NSW Government has built a pedestrian and cycle bridge over Anzac Parade to provide safer and more direct access for spectators, residents and cyclists travelling to and from major events in the Moore Park precinct and the city.

In designing the new bridge, which has a six metre wide deck, Roads and Maritime Services has considered a wide range of environmental factors including heritage, visual amenity, urban design, impacts to trees, parkland, traffic and transport factors. The perforated pattern was designed by Hassell Architects, the inspiration came from the dappled light of the fig leaves on Anzac Parade.  The golden tones of the morning sun are depicted in the finish.

The bridge is called the Albert (Tibby) Cotter Walkway – named after an Australian fast bowler an ANZAC who played 21 tests between 1904 and 1912, as well as 113 first class matches for NSW, he had a reputation for ‘breaking stumps’.  Sadly Tibby Cotter was killed in action during World War I.

The unique design of the perforation within the panels provides great interest to the structure. The panels have been anodised by Universal Anodisers in Satin Hardcoat Oriental Gold.  The anodised finish provides a visual beauty to the bridge with metallic lustre that will not denigrate over time, it creates a very hard surface that will not peel and provide low downstream maintenance.  Anodising is the perfect choice for perforated aluminium due to the consistency of coverage on the aluminium surface and equally within the perforation.

Universal is proud to have been the chosen Anodiser for this project.  

Should you be considering perforated aluminium for your next project talk to us as it would be our pleasure to assist with your requirements.

Architects:       Hassell
Builder:           Lend Lease
Fabricator:      Craft Metals & S&L Steel
Anodiser:        Universal Anodisers


Centre for Children's Health Research BrisbaneCentre for Children's Health Research BrisbaneSatin Pale Bronze was the specified finish for the perforated panels on this project’s façade.  The anodised finish enhances the fabulous design created by Hassell and will provide longevity and metallic lustre.

Anodising is integral to the metal, sun and shade will create optical illusion as to the colour perceived giving the façade a life of its own.

The advantage of choosing anodising as the facade finish is that the surface appearance will remain in the same condition over time.

Centre for Children's Health Research BrisbaneMetal quality is of the utmost importance to the Anodiser, especially when anodising interference colours.  We are able to provide aluminium specification to enable the expected finish to be achieved successfully. 

We have created several new colours that may be of interest for future projects, do not hesitate in requesting our swatch or any technical information you require.

Architects:       Hassell Brisbane
Builder:           Lend Lease
Fabricator:       Jangho Curtain Wall Australia
Anodiser:         Universal Anodisers


UTS BroadwayA design by Denton Corker Marshall of anodised aluminium screens perforated with binary code to reveal a hidden message was the design finalist for the UTS building Broadway. The binary code look is a representative underpinning computer-programming language.

The massive façade of perforated aluminium panels strike out from the 12 storey building at various angles, leaving giant gill-like slits allowing airflow through the building.  The perforated panels will provide shading to the glass underneath. 

The Architects chose an ’interference colour’ and so UTS Grey was developed by Universal Anodisers for the anodised finish. Interference colouring will give the screens life and lustre with perceived movement of colour, the anodising will provide longevity.

To describe ‘Interference Colour’ - it is an additional colouring procedure that involves modification of the pore structure.  The colours are created by optical interference rather than light scattering as with the basic electro-colouring.

The colour perception of the screens is a result of an optical illusion.  Interference colour is both reflective and refractive and the screen colour will appear to vary due to weather conditions, viewing angles and time of day. 
(See further details on our Technical Page

UTS BroadwayThe screens glow at night with embedded light-emitting diodes.  The green light will bounce off the anodised surface whereas it would have been absorbed by a painted surface.

The anodised surface creates a visual life to the aluminium façade.  Universal Anodisers are proud to have been the chosen anodiser on this project.

Architect:     Denton Corker Marshall
Builder:        Lend Lease
Fabricator:   G. James Pty Ltd
Anodiser:     Universal Anodisers